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Child Custody

Getting Divorced with Kids - Child Custody
There was a time when getting divorced with kids always meant the mother won child custody. Back then, mothers had an advantage in child custody decisions and fathers rarely won. This is no longer true, as both parents usually stand on an equal footing. Today child custody and visitation rights can be granted to fathers, grandparents, and yes even other family members.

With these changes it is important that you have a child custody attorney to receive the best legal advice and services regarding your specific situation. Attorneys aid in:

How is Child Custody Determined?

In general, courts will make custody decisions based on the “Best Interest of the Child” standards. Factors that are considered before reaching these decisions include:

  • The better parent,
  • The parent with the most time for the child,
  • Which parent is most likely to allow open and frequent access to the child by the non-custodial parent and other family members,
  • The parent most able to provide educational opportunities for the child,
  • The more stable household, and
  • The parent most able to deal with any special needs or consideration of the children.

Attorney Tammy Cummings understand the sensitive, and emotionally tension that comes with dealing and working through child custody. Contact Tammy to schedule your free initial consultation.

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