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Father’s Rights & Paternity

Getting Divorced with Kids - Paternity
Our practice is dedicated to helping and representing fathers with paternity and child custody disagreements. We understand fathers may experience court bias associated with paternity, child support, custody, and/or visitation. Please contact our office to arrange your free consultation to assist you during this difficult time.

Why Fathers Need to Act Quickly:

  • Divorce and Separation of Property: Don’t wait to till your first day in court to consider representation. Division of property, spousal support and access to your children must be fought to gain your fair share and access.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: Without a lawyer you could find yourself with very little access to your children as soon as the temporary hearing. Contact an attorney fast to assist you in this very important matter.
  • Spousal Support/Alimony: Many states now require alimony, even some providing temporary. We represent men in matters of spousal support and alimony, protecting their interests when support is established and in any subsequent actions for modification or enforcement.
  • Asset Protection: Many men are small business owners, or primary breadwinners for their families. Without proper representation you run the risk of pay too much after a divorce.
  • Modifications: So your divorce has been final for quite some time, but there have been life changes with you, your Ex, or even your children. Contact us so we help you modify your existing orders to reflect your current life needs.

Single Father’s Rights & Paternity

In most states, any unmarried woman can place your name on their child’s birth certificate from which you could be liable for child support. Perhaps you could have a disagreement with your girlfriend and find yourself completely isolated from your child’s life. Without establishing paternity with the court, you do not have any legal rights as an unmarried father. We can help fathers establish their rights and get custody or decent visitation they deserve with their children.

Should you find yourself disputing a false paternity claim, we can also help both married and unmarried men. We can properly advise you and file the necessary supporting paperwork with the courts. Contact Tammy Cummings immediately, so she can assist in all your needs.

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